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How is everyone? Second lockdown of the year ensues and let's be honest everyone is feeling the impact; large businesses, small brands, the self employed, families and those living alone. It's not going to be fun and it's not going to be easy but we know we can do it we've had plenty of practice! 

Based on last years statistics this is going to increase the levels of social media activity. The use of digital platforms to socialise is only to be expected, given the lack of alternatives so we need to get our insta accounts looking fire and I am here to help you!

Kim Kardashian


Picture Perfect Poses for Newbies

If you're a beginner in the world of outfit photo ops, figuring out just how to pose can feel awkward and intimidating. Getting a good picture isn't a menial task; it requires lighting, strategy, good styling/makeup, full moon and blood from a ritual human sacrifice. Just when you think you've got the hang of it and can finally take a decent picture, they change the rules. 

To all those who aren't aware that candids are actually "plandids",  then you aren't even playing the same game, forget about the level. GenZ has overthrown the millennials when it comes to cracking the gram code and If you ask me to pose, I look like I am being held hostage.

So I did a bit of research and have come up with 10 Insta worthy tried and tested, industry approved poses for days when you're really feeling your look, complete with tons of " double tap" goodness!

1. Barbie feet – Stand on your toes (or point them) to elongate your legs in photos. This also automatically fixes the posture as you struggle to find balance. 

influencers posing  with pointed feet


2. 45° hip pop – Stand at a 45° and rest your weight on the right leg. Then, pop your hip to the left while extending the left leg slightly and pointing the toes toward the ground to elongate the body.

 hip pop


3. Side stretch – Elongate the body by lifting the chest and leaning to one side to smooth out the belly rolls while accentuating the hips.

 side stretch


4. Leg prop – To give that nonchalant ultra cool off duty model vibe, prop one up to instantly screams chic, casual  and understated.

leg prop


5. The Armpit Air-Out Aside from cooling yourself on a hot day, the causal, one-arm-up pose is model-approved and instantly chic. Sticking one leg out and sporting a parted pout complete the overall look.

arm up


6. Over-the-shoulder peek Who, me? I'm just here minding my own business... For this pose, it's all about appearing like you were just kicking back, pondering tomorrow's outfit, when someone called out your name and snapped an unexpected (but totally expected) photo of you.

look back influencer


7. One foot forward – For a curbside outfit shot, position your feet as if you're taking baby steps. It's the secret to true #OOTD magic.

one foot forward


8. In motion  "oh hey thereThe goal here is to make it seem like you’re casually taking a stroll.Put one foot forward as if you are about to walk then stop and boom you've got the perfect shot.

walk in motion


9. Artful squat – The preferred way of posing is with one leg squatting low with the knee close to the ground, while the other leg takes less weight and is pushed either out to the front or to the side

artful squat


10. Manspread – Not exactly the most lady like position and it description speaks for itself but it shows the epitome of casual all whilst showing boss babe vibes.

poses for influencers


It's fair to say supermodels and influencers really do know a thing or two when it comes to posing for Insta but when you scrutinise closely, you’ll start to see a pattern of poses they shuffle back and forth with various outfits. The point is, you too can master these flattering positions and become Insta-famous yourself! Just remember – practice makes perfect.


Influencer Reveals All!
An Amsterdam based vlogger Rianne Miejer who has 1.3m followers and a plethora of gorgeous images that document her life of fashion and travel, has r revealed, the key to an enviable photo is all about the angle as these images below prove....


influencer poses

influencer with puppy

rianne meijer

rianne meijer 2

Check out more of here examples here.


Aaaaaand Breath!

So in conclusion the foundation of fashion photography actually takes a hell of a lot of effort;  perfect poses, make up, styling and filters but a the very minimum good angles and great lighting. Perfect your insta feed with these tips and who knows you might just be the next instagram sensation. 

Good Luck!