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So Covid Couture is officially "A Thing"

For some time now it has been compulsory to wear masks in public areas and  potentially will be for the foreseeable future. I am 100% down for upgrading my face mask game with the designer inspired option and even matching masks to my out outfits. I mean who doesn't want to look cute whilst fighting a pandemic?

However can it go too far? 🧐

Designer Mask


Face coverings are slowly becoming a wardrobe staple and the popularity of statement-making printed versions among the fashion crowd is ever-growing.  Coordinated sets trend,seems to be Instagram official with influencers, celebrities and even royals embracing such as Princess Elizabeth of Belgium as seen below.


royal wearing facemask


The trend has also provided a way for brands with an eye on sustainability to use up off cuts while offering shoppers the chance to match their look to their face mask. Genius.

In keeping with the sustainability theme The British Fashion Council [BFC] has announced the launch of sustainable, non-medical face masks that aim to raise £1m to be split between three different charities. NHS Charities Together Covid-19 Urgent Appeal, BFC Foundation Fashion Fund, which is helping businesses and designers amid the coronavirus, and the Wings of Hope Children’s Charity, which runs educational programmes across the UK, India and Malawi.

Designers who have worked on the project, called ”Great British Designer Face Coverings: Reusable, for People and Planet” include Rixo, Halpern, Julien Macdonald, Liam Hodges, Mulberry and Raeburn.

The re-usable masks are made of fabric and contain no single-use plastic and are sold in packs of three with two protective pouches, for £15. I say £15 very well spent.


matching mask and outfit


However I personally think this can be taken too far crossing over into the ridiculous. The clothing giant Pretty Little Thing have come up with a dress and mask hybrid...  "Drask" (dress come mask) or simply a "Mess" ( mask come dress) 😱

Well apparently it has nearly sold out with only a few left available in a size 6 and 8. I will admit upon first impression it looks like a cute black turtle neck, upon closer inspection however the roll neck is longer than usual and has loopholes attached to the sides for you to pull over your ears. Not only is it nearly sold out but it is also a hit with Lottie Moss , little sister to fashion queen and icon super model Kate Moss. So maybe I am missing something?! 


 Lottie Moss mask dress


Now whilst I can just about see that this serve a purpose as an all in one fashion and Covid protecting hybrid dress, I can not understand the point of this bedazzled diamante mesh mask? It is neither fashionable nor offers coverage, it is in fact utterly useless and even PLT had to concede to this, as since making it the mask has been removed  from their website ...thank goodness!


Pretty little thing face mask


Further to this we now have the Tri-kini, a bikini with matching mask. The Italian brand Elexa Beachwear apparently spotted a hole in the swimwear category of fashion industry and filled it with this.... however surprisingly it has proven a popular form of beachwear. The idea for pandemic safe "swimwear" was born out of a joke with Tiziana Scaramuzzo the owner and her family. However the "trikini" sets quickly went viral after a photo was uploaded on Facebook. 

Not exactly practical when it comes to swimming or achieving a line free tan  however if safety and social distancing is at the heart of your trip to the beach instead of sun, sea and sand, then this could be just what the doctor ordered (excuse the health safety /medical pun 😉)


Trikini elexa beachwear 1


So with the speed of a fad and the urgency of an essential item, masks went from non existent to omnipresent in the span of a few weeks. Today, you can purchase masks nearly anywhere from your local chemist or sweet shop to your favourite online retailer and coordinate it with a matching hair scrunchy and outfit. Love them or hate them face masks are here to stay, and though some fashion labels choice of offering can certainly be up for debate, we cannot ignore the fact masks are becoming the new fashion category of this generation.




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  • Some of these are mental! I have to admit I have just bought some christmas themed ones for the kids stockings but I am not sure I am down with having ones that match my clothes, just yet anyway x x

    Claire Lomax

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